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Monday, October 21, 2013

House progress and stitching

Things are progressing along with our house repairs. The house has been lifted and this week the ring foundation is due to be replaced. The photos below are from a couple of weeks ago when they were starting to lift the house. Now the boxing is in and metal supports around ready for old concrete to be removed and new concrete to be filled.

house 3 011house 3 012

This photo below shows the level of liquefaction underneath the house. The builders will be digging this all out for us thankfully. We had no idea how high it had come up.

house 3 006

Whilst living in the rental and not working I have managed to get some stitching done. I’m not sure how I am going to finish off my Christmas bits as we won’t be decorating for Christmas this year because we will only be back into our house on the 20th December.

I am pleased with my sampler and think I may put this in a frame for our lounge.

house 3 013house 3 014house 3 015

This one below is a sneak of a project I am doing with some wool. I forgot how lovely wool is to work with and will show you more when the person this is intended for has opened it.

And the photo below that is another sneak of the project I have been making with Sarah Fielke fabrics that I posted about a couple of posts ago. Also more will be revealed at a later date.

house 3 018house 3 016

Thinking of all our lovely bloggy friends dealing with the fires in Australia at present. It must be so terrifying for you. Praying you are all safe.

Debs xx


Susan said...

Glad the work on your house is moving along. Moving back in will be a lovely Christmas present. Nice stitching.

Kate said...

Miss D, what is the pattern name for the sampler? I think I like it, no, I love it and I want one xx

Jo in TAS said...

Lovely stitching Deb!

loulee said...

The work on the house is progressing nicely.
Your stitching looks lovely.

Sew Useful Designs said...

Hello gorgeous! Wow Deb, it's all coming along... must remember to tell Santa that you'll be back in your own home for Xmas! Love your samplers sweetie... and your sneaky peeks... all looks wonderful and now I want to start sewing even though I should be getting Rosie in to bed! I'm late! Ha ha! Gosh I'm a natterbox...
Loves ya! Vikki xoxoxo

Copper Patch said...

Argh must be frazzling to be waiting so long but I'm glad there is progress on your house. Fingers crossed the Dec 20th deadline is met and you can have a happy, peaceful and crafty Christmas.
Happy sewing,
Ab xx

taylorsoutback said...

Have just discovered you by way of Susan at Thimble Stitch
Reading your previous posts and all you have been through with everything - oh my - sending you positive thoughts in the days ahead from across the miles. So sad to hear you must deal with migraines also - they have been with me for many decades but now with my miracle meds my life is back. Our son and dear DIL live in Alaska and we are planning on our 5th summer up there in 2014. We would move there in a heartbeat given younger years. It is incredible. Hope your husband enjoyed every minute of his trip. Have a wonderful week with less stress!!

Julia said...

love all your stitching Deb, but particularly the 'Bells are ringing' one - where's the pattern from please?

Julia xxx

Nicky said...

Oh Deb, you have been super busy with your stitching, it looks fantastic. It's so good to hear the house repairs are coming along, December 20th will be here before you know it!

Houseelf said...

Good to hear that your house is being sorted but even better that there is evidence of your craft mojo kicking in big time. Great work Deb. I like the angels on a tree too- so cute! I was tempted to do them with applique dresses...actually did I? Oh well It will have to wait until I open the Christmas Decoration Box. LOL Christmas is full of surprises.