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Friday, September 20, 2013

Would you look at this!

I went to visit a very close girlfriend today to take her morning tea and her birthday present. I’ve decided as we get into our 50’s, we should celebrate the occasion more so Philippa and normally have lunch or do something like morning tea. It so nice to make each other feel good.

So much has been happening with both of us of late that I haven’t managed to physically see her since my birthday in July, so she  presented me with a birthday gift also. Boy it arrived all wrapped in beautiful red and white polka dot paper which I tried so hard not to rip when unwrapping it, BUT THEN …………

Teapot Wall Clock

OMG is this not stunning or what? A GORGEOUS polka dot clock for my kitchen wall. It will look stunning when we shift back into our house. All of the walls are going to be a cream throughout the house and in the kitchen the accents are of course, red and white spots.

To say I was thrilled is putting it mildly. I am in love!!!

This is another couple of progress shots of the house repair. The first shot below, is looking from our study through the hall and out the window in our bedroom.

house repairs week 2 009

This is my poor old sewing room below, just think how amazing it will be when all new again.

house repairs week 2 006

And this photo shows you a sneak peek of what I did with my Sarah Fielke fabrics from my last post. They look gorgeous and I’m very proud as they are all needle turned. I can only show little bits of this project though, its a gift.

house repairs week 2 001

Okay all have an amazing weekend,

Hugs in stitching , Debs xxd


Shay said...

That clock is totally you and such a great gift!

Nice to see shots of the house's going to be fabulous once it's finished. Just like moving in to a new house !

Laurie said...

House will be all newly painted etc ... then you can display your lovely clock ... I think it is so lovely. x

Carrie P. said...

I know you will be so happy to get your sewing room back and your house in order.
Love your dresden so far.