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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Photos as promised.

Well I said I would be back with photos of the two stitcheries I have completed and here I am.  I decided to do these two stitcheries after seeing the one that Shiree had made a wee while ago when she was staying with us in Christchurch.

cushions 001

Black Poppy fabric,

cushions 003

Cream Poppy fabric,

cushions 004

and side by side.  When I saw this fabric I bought it with my Dad in mind because of the poppy being the emblem for the Returned Serviceman’s Association. I wasn’t sure what I was going to make with it but I think the messages on the cushions tie in with the meaning of family.

I have a Poppy table topper I made quite awhile ago also but don’t know what I have done with it BUT I do know its a UFO.(Must find it!)

Hugs in stitching, Debs


loulee said...

Debs, your cushions look lovely. They do speak of family and also of moving on and looking forward, which seems right too, given the work going on in your home.
I love poppies and was lucky enough to see them in Flanders fields earlier this year. They were beautiful.

Shay said...

Poppies always remind me of those who have served too.

Your cushions look gorgeous Deb!

Julia said...

They're lovely Deb - love the fabric too!

Julia xx