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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

It’s been a wee while…..

…..but sometimes life just gets in the way.  I have been sitting here this morning thinking about this post and I can’t believe how much has been going on in our lives since I last posted. Some good, some not so good.

At the moment I am not working having resigned from my last place of work due to my migraines becoming more than once or twice, now and again. This was caused through the stress which was happening at work due to a boss who is a bully and was abusing her staff on a regular basis. I was no 5 in our team to leave and another person has left since then. Such a shame as the team of people she had working for her are great people and worked really hard for the company. Oh well, I suppose we could say “ New broom sweeps clean!”.  But I have never been spoken too or yelled at like this woman did. I Know I am better out of the environment. Now though it’s job hunting again, a task I hate but know it has to be done although if possible this time I am only going for part time work.

So whilst this was going on we were informed that we needed to shift out of our home so that earthquakes repairs could FINALLY be started. On top of this Bill was going away to Alaska fishing for three weeks so it was up to me to organise it all. Well he’d been away for one week and I packed my bags and went to Brisbane to spend a week with my big brother and his family. The week was needed to heal my poor old soul I think. I didn’t want to go anywhere or do anything but spend time with family. ( I did visit quilt shops though and admit things did come home with me.)

I was so lucky though. Five days before I went to Brisbane my niece had her 2nd baby. A gorgeous wee man who they have named Tyler Lewis. What an adorable and happy wee baby. He just smiles and sleeps, they are so lucky!Tyler 3 wks old

I had huge amounts of cuddles and lapped it up. Nothing can beat a snuggle and that baby smell! Of course I had great fun seeing the other great niece and nephews also. They are such wonderful kids, and yes I suppose I am bias but then I am allowed to be!

So home from that trip and Bill home from Alaska the day after me. It sounds like he had an amazing time with the boys fishing. This trip had been spoken about for 30years so it had better have been everything they hoped for.

He is such a honey. He went to quilt shops whilst in Alaska girls, can you believe it. And this is what he bought me home from The Quilted Raven.Alaska 007

I do believe he intends them to be sewn into a quilt for him but hey that’s fine. This is what I was also given by the big ol” softy that he is.

Alaska 008

My very own Grizzly Bear.

Anyway to carry on, I managed to find a rental home for us to move into which is fully furnished which is what I decided we needed as there was no way I was packing boxes twice! The other thing we had to have was the ability to bring the animals with us.

So for the past month we have been packing, and packing, shifting 002

and packing. We are extremely lucky we had the amount of time to do it in that we did have. Because I was home I was the main packer but I struggled a bit with my back having had the surgeries on it. I was ruthless though and if I didn’t need it , it went.

shifting 001

Magazines, why we collect them I do not know, rubbish of course I do, it’s all those “I think I’ll make that projects” isn’t it. Well out of this lot I think it was only about 10 mags I kept. So yes I had no qualms about throwing things out. Bill had a few more problems doing it and said he will do it when we unpack! Yeah Right.

So last Friday we shifted to our rental. Everything went smoothly other than the fact that the movers packed the suitcases they were told to leave (3 x times) which had Jack’s clothes in them. So one panicking son and off clothes shopping to get him something to wear other than his work uniform.

Thankfully Bill didn’t have to empty the garage so we managed to put stuff in there and we can slowly get it to the rubbish dump.

Anyway here we are in our rental. It is very small compared to our home. It’s an older home and cold as billy o. Thankfully they have two heat pumps and the amenities like power are included in the rent. So we are here until 20th December, yep 17 weeks.  I packed and bought with me, all of my UFO’s so I have things to do, lots of embroidery also. ( It’s quite hard when not in your own home as you don’t know what to do with yourself.) Still this could all be a great thing as far as my sewing is concerned since I have no job and nothing to do.

So fingers crossed all goes according to plan and we are back in our home by Christmas even if we will be surrounded by boxes to be unpacked. Get’s me out of Christmas at our place!

Hopefully I will post a bit more regularly now that I have the time. Fingers crossed lots of sewing photos.

Hugs in stitching, Debs


The Old Dairy said...

Hi Deb, good to hear every thing is going OK over there, lucky the weather is getting warmer so may be your new home will to...What a great time t catch up on those UFOs
Good luck with the job hunting....

Joyce said...

Hey Deb. So good to see you on here. Hope the job hunt goes well for you. Good luck with your UFO's.

Raewyn said...

It sounds like a wise move to leave your job; hope you find another kinder one :-) You really have lots on your plae but it must feel so good to have your house sorted? Have fun with your UFOs!

Loulee Heron said...

It's great to hear from you. :-)
My my it all sounds very busy. I do hope you are able to settle into the rental and get something creative done. Take a rest, you deserve it.
I too elected to resign, due to management issues among other things, and part time work sounds appealing. Meanwhile, I have loved having plenty of time for creativity.

Jo in TAS said...

I'm amazed that organisations are happy to have bosses like that one. I had a bully for a boss when I was 18, he made me that anxious I would have panic attacks, I stayed for 6 years! Time for a new life chapter Deb, before too long you'll be back in your home and after you've had time to recuperate you'll land a perfect job and live happily ever after! I believe in happy endings xxx

Julia said...

Sorry to hear about the job Deb, but it sounds as though you're better off out of it! And what a nightmare having to 'up sticks' and pack etc. - don't envy you that at all, but hey, fabric always makes us feel better doesn't it .... and what a fab hubbie actually going into a fabric shop to buy you some - you clearly have him very well trained:0) xxx

Ali Honey said...

Finally some progress - that's great.
I do hope they do it all well for you.
That job sounds awful so better to be looking for something gentler on the nerves. Good luck.
I imagine it is strange to not have your own garden and things to care for - life sort of on hold.
Happy finishing those projects - you can do it.
Hugs from Ali.
ps. cute little grizzly!

Teresa aka MarieSews said...

Best wishes for both the job hunting and the home repair! I hope the time out of your home goes quickly and is restful and productive. Take care