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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Another goodie made.

Good Morning all and how are we all this morning?

Guess what, I think my mojo has returned  WAHOO!! Can you believe it. I have no idea where it has been , well actually I do , but anyway I an just enjoying it’s return for now and hoping it maybe here to stay, if not we’ll just roll with the punches.

Yesterday I went for a drive with a girlfriend to visit another friend who has shifted out to the country as they lost their beautiful home overlooking Lyttelton harbour in the earthquakes. This is really sad, as this home was such a special home built with such special memories.

Anyway so out we went, no rally driving just tikki- touring along enjoying the spring day. I so love this time of year. We arrived at the farm to meet all of the chooks and sheep and the new lambs of which twins were born last night so we missed that excitement. The surroundings bought back very precious memories for me of spending time with my Nana on the farm at weekends. I had forgotten how much I loved it, the air and the smells-gorgeous. Dee and Pete had had some trees blow down with a recent storm we had and their back yard smelt of Christmas, it was heavenly.

I had made a wee gift for Dee for her new home. Dee LOVES orange and retro.

dee runner 001

This is the runner I made her. She loved it and boy if fitted in to her home no problems.

So the next on my list of makings are sleeping bags for Barbie’s and a couple of wee snuggle blankies for Barbie’s owner.

Ta ta for now, hugs in stitching, Debs



Shay said...

Very retro table runner. What a wonderful housewarming gift Deb!

Nicky said...

Can't beat that fresh clean country air... nice table runner for your friend too...

Ali Honey said...

Lovely! I am so glad you are feeling creative. I think it comes and goes for all of us.
Now what about the red spotted teapot clock. My, my it is just so you! What a thoughtful present.

Houseelf said...

Brill so pleased for you Deb. Sounds like you had a wonderful break seeing old friends. Maybe the earthquake got them to do something they had only thought about before? Good luck going into the Barbie Zone of making. :-) You life wont be quite the same again- there is no end to the accessories you can make for that doll.

redgeraniumcottage said...

I'm so sorry about your friend losing her house. I can't imagine how that feels. Your little gift you made her is very cute. I'm sure she loved it.
Glad you had a fun trip.