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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Busy, Busy as they grow up.

Sadly no stitching has happened over the past few weeks, its all sitting waiting for attention. We have had a busy time though so haven’t been sitting idly doing nothing.

Jack has once again dipped his toes into the water of flatting which we are so thrilled about for him. This is a very big step for Jack as when the earthquakes happened he shifted home and sadly become very depressed and life turned to rubbish for him. He became a recluse in his bedroom finding it very hard to socialise and just not having the will the do anything but sleep. It has taken him 2 years to get back to the happy child we knew, the young man brave enough to try things again. He comes home now and talks and seems so much happier overall, its such a pleasure to see his confidence return.

Beth, our baby has had her 21st birthday. I can’t believe they are both young adults now and it never ceases to surprise me the things they talk about and the decisions they are making. She has got a new job which she is starting tomorrow and for the first time in her working life she will be working Monday to Friday. “I’m going to be a normal person” she says not realising that this family is far from normal. lol

It also means that she will be free for all of her dragon boating which she loves with a passion. Her team “Ridge Riders” are a strong team and this year as in the past are once again achieving amazing results. Two weeks ago they were beaten by 0.2 of a second, not a bad feat. Then last week they had a regatta against the Australian teams and beat them too—wahoo. In a couple of weeks they have Nationals in Rotorua and then its all focus on the World’s next year they hope.

The 21st party was here at home and this found me busy most evenings cooking things for the freezer. Here we have my kitchen bench the afternoon of the party as things were being prepared to heat for the kids.

beths 21st 004

It was mainly her dragon boating friends who came that evening, and I can happily say what a lovely bunch of young people. They took the time to speak to the adults and although by the end of the evening we can say that they were wonderful entertainment as the drinks took their toll, I feel pleased she has made such lovely friends. Gosh they were all hilarious at times though but isn’t that what we were all like at our 21st’s?

beths 21st 014 (2)

Here we are as a family before the kids began drinking and below is the cake I had made for her. It was AMAZING. It is a red velvet cake with buttercream and white chocolate icing, decorated with blueberries and strawberries and icing daisies.

beths 21st 024

So as you can see life has been fairly busy. I am even behind on birthday gifts for friends!! So next weekend being Easter will be a long one and I feel that it is calling me to make good use of the time in my sewing room  and so far, that is exactly what I plan to do.

Hoping this finds you all well and happy, stitching up a storm .  Debs xx


Kate said...

No rest for the wicked Miss Deb, and you are not alone, there is absolutely nothing normal about my family too ;) oh to be 21 again.
You have a beautiful family Deb

Lots of love to you xxx

Ali Honey said...

It sounds like a fun Birthday Deb.
Like you I have had little time to sew lately but got some done this weekend.Almost forgotten how...but it comes back straight away.
I'm glad your son is feeling better about the world now - what a worry for you. I wish him well.
Looking forward to hearing what you sew over Easter. Best wishes to you all, Ali.

Michelle said...

Normal... what's that!!!
I am pleased to hear your son has improved, long may it continue...:O)
The cake is beautiful Deb, Happy Birthday to your daughter from the 'Naki'

Jan said...

Lovely to catch up with you Deb. nice cake for your girls birthday. I love the photo of your family too. So nice to see everyone.
Hope you get to sew, I'm hing to as well.

Houseelf said...

Happy Birthday Beth, sounds like a fab party! Well done Deb for all your hard work. Our daughter wants her 21st birthday money putting towards Peru so no big party here. Bullet dodged. LOL

The cake looks fabulous!