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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Ahhhhhh, I’ve been hibernating and now I’m running out of time!!!

Hibernating, what a load of baloney! I have been hiding, no I haven’t, the truth is I just haven’t done anything new that I can show you.

We have been on holiday to see friends in the Bay of Islands for 2 weeks. Had a lovely time. Here we are outside the Old Stone House in Keri Keri.

the stone house 1

Then  we came home and I was home a week and away I went to Auckland with my girl and two friends and we went to see…….

Bay of Islands 2 041

Bay of Islands 2 044

MARY POPPINS. See even the birds heard me singing “Feed the Birds” that night. OMG what an amazing stage show. I would go again at the drop of a hat. I think I spent most of the show with the most unladylike look of mouth open wide ! Beth enjoyed the show also so I was thrilled that she appreciated it as much as I did as a kid. We had a lovely Mother Bear / Baby Bear weekend.

Then home we came and the next weekend my Baby Bear left home to go flatting. Such a cute wee flat she is in with her BFF, it was a sad day for me but I am so proud of her.

Then today its only ONE MONTH till Christmas, ahhhhh!! We have been hunting for a new Christmas tree for a couple of years now as our old one was 20 yrs old and had served us well. I wanted a shorter one and one with thicker branches. Finally Bill and I found one yesterday and it was 50% off so was obviously meant to be. (We certainly would not have bought it at its full price)

Home from shopping and it was Bill’s job to put up the tree and put the lights on and then it was my job to decorate. I culled a lot of decorations this year, its funny how our taste changes.

But look what I found…….. wahoo!!! Red and white spot balls, I think I may have to buy some more of these.

xmas tree 2012 005

xmas tree 2012 010xmas tree 2012 012xmas tree 2012 011xmas tree 2012 009

xmas tree 2012 006

So that’s the decorations done so now just a couple of things to finish and I think I might be organised for once, don’t hold your breath though.

xmas tree 2012 003

George thought we wouldn’t see him if he hid behind the tree.

Hoping you are all well and happy,

Hugs Deb xoxo


Copper Patch said...

You might not have been crafting but you're bloody organised to have your tree up already!! Well done :o)
I'm sure your wee girl will have a brilliant time flatting with her buddy - just think of the extra crafty stash space her old room will offer ;o)
Ab xx

Kris said...

Your house looks so Christmassy! My daughter did the reminder of one month till Christmas this morning. Pretty sure I'm not going to be ready!

Marie said...

Deb your tree is GREAT, I love the red and white. So happy you had the special time with your daughter, I would love to have more time with mine now but they are so buy with their own families so at least I have the great memories. Have a wonderful Christmas. Many hugs my friend!

Carrie P. said...

sounds like you have been having fun. You are further along with your decorations than I am. Pretty tree.

By Hoki Quilts said...

So organised so early Deb, looking back through your posts, what a wonderful year you have had. There is just two of us this year so I think the plan is to skip the Christmassy thing - which for someone who is a Xmas addict isn't going to be easy but someone has to work and I'm sure we will make up for it next year.
Love the polka dot balls and that dear wee(or not so wee) dog of yours is a real character.
hugs xx

Shay said...

Those Christmas ornaments are very you Deb !

Everything looks divine . We put our tree up this past weekend too. Love the new tree.

Kiwifruit-Shiree said...

ha ha George, silly boy!!! I thought we were going to be in our new house for Christmas, but no, so still have most of my Christmas decs in storage... plenty of real Christmas trees on our section 'tho, will have to go hunting with the chain saw!! Enjoy your festive looking lounge!

Houseelf said...

What a wonderful Christmas display. Ours go up on the 1st.

Looks like you had some great trips. We're fans of Mary Poppins too.

Nicky said...

Good times at Deb's place, glad you enjoyed your trip to MP, looks like so much fun. Your house is looking lovely and Christmassy, puts the rest of us to shame!

Lisa D said...

Hi Deb... hope all is well in your neck of the woods. We spent a couple of weeks in Queenstown in December. Just a beautiful place.. would LOVE to live in the South Island.
Hugs Lisa