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Sunday, September 16, 2012

A new season, hopefully a brighter time ahead

spring2012 034

Isn’t it lovely seeing the start of Spring! It always gives us such hope with its bright blooms and all of those cheerful little heads smiling at us from around the gardens.

spring2012 038

The fragrances that start to tickle our noses as we walk around the streets with the dog are so lovely. The weather has started to warm up and we have these urges to try new things.

So on this particularly beautiful spring day we took George for a walk down to the river at the end of the street to feed the ducks and to see what he thought of the water.

Well there were no problems there. He was a bit peeved that he wasn’t a duck and allowed the bread but the water, heck hold him back. If Bill hadn’t had him on the lead I think he would have just kept on walking out into the middle of the water. He loved it which is great.

spring2012 031spring2012 032

Here he is another morning sticking his head through the cat door and chatting to us whilst we are in the bathroom.

I tell you nothing is private anymore when you have kids and animals is it!!

spring2012 042

Craft wise things have been fairly quiet as I have been struggling with migraines again due to a few things going on in my life at present. As I said lets hope that Spring really is a start of new beginnings and better things to come.

I managed to get hold of this fabulous book that Jenny had shown on her blog not long ago and I got stuck in and knitted myself these gloves. (Yes there is another one, both hands are covered!).

spring2012 003

I have also started a wall hanging and stitchery which I have designed to go in our lounge as we bought a new lounge suite so decided had to update the walls. Hopefully a photo next time.

I have managed to knit 3 more tea cosy’s and am just finishing stitching the last one all up so that will be another photo for next time.

Apologies for not much of a blog but just felt it was time I popped in and said Hi.

Also before I leave I would really like to ask that you pop into visit Di from Snippets’N Scraps at some stage as she is going through an extremely traumatic time at present and I think could do with as much love and strength that we are able to send her.

Thanks everyone,

Hugs in stitching and blogging, Debs xx


Ali Honey said...

Yes Deb, I agree the Spring flowers are a delight.I hope life for you both and all your neighbours is getting back to normal - boring and predictable even. Looks like it might be by the photos.
hugs from the (wet)BOP.

Nicky said...

Hey Deb, lovely to see you back. Your George is a sweetheart, love the pics of him! I really hope that spring brings you lots of happiness and that things are on the way up again for you....
Nicky x

Susan said...

Good to "see" you again, Deb! I miss you when you don't post! Looks like spring is in full bloom there in your corner of the world...the leaves are just starting to turn here and you know I hate what is coming next.

Maree: said...

Long time no hear miss Deb...lovely to have you back.
Hope all the family are well and hope you are feeling OK too.
Thanks for telling us about Di.
Take Care Hun

By Hoki Quilts said...

Spring is such a hectic time of the year isn't it? So much to do and so much ahead before the Summer hits.
George really has grown into a handsome dogs and still such a kind face ; )
take care x

Sarah said...

Oh George! You are growing!

L.o.v.e the fingerless gloves - go you!

Houseelf said...

Hia Deb, lovely mittens. Good to know the needles have been busy- more evidence though! LOL What lovely Spring bulbs. Here I'm feeling the bite of Autumn. We had a water-dog once called Toby. He would even wallow in a muddy puddle in Winter. Silly lad.

Jan said...

Yes I love the spring flowers Deb. Yes our dog loves the water too. I wish I could knot I am seeing so many lovely things on blogs lately that I want to make them too.
xx Jan
Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.

Suzie said...

Wishing you a lovely Spring, Deb!

Sheryl said...

Oh Deb, those Spring flowers are lovely... George is so cute, glad we don't have a cat door... Archie would probably get his head stuck..:)
l like your gloves, handy when its cold and you want to do something.... I have some wool in my knitting basket to make a tea-cosy... must get it out....can't wait to see the wall-hanging. Love the quilt in your header, is that one of yours?

Copper Patch said...

Wow I LOVE you fingerless gloves. Very cool Deb and now I know where to come with my knitty questions.
Wishing you less (no) brain pain and more crafty days.
Take care,
Ab x