Sharing the bits and bobs, ins and outs of my journey to return to being who I was. There will hopefully be craft along the way and fun times to share.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Pressure or not?

I have just been sitting here contemplating what I will be doing this weekend sewing wise because here in New Zealand we have a long weekend as we celebrate Waitangi Day (NZ Day) on Monday 8th Feb.
Well the list is a mile long as I am sure most of our lists are. Filled with "must do's", UFO's, want to do's and really, really, really want to do's but know that if it is started everything else will disappear off the list before being done.
So what would you decide? Knowing that pressure you have from things that MUST BE DONE because you have committed to them, do you naturally pick them up and continue on them or do you grab a UFO and finish it or do you start something new?
Pressure, does it lead you to make the wise and right choice which would then leave you pressure free. Or does it do to you what it does to me and leave you sitting doing nothing because inwardly you know you have thrown your toys out of the cot and are having a little tantrum because you want to do something new?
So this weekend I am  going to give myself a good talking too and hopefully make the right choice.

(But then again I might get distracted with the husband's 60th birthday, although he has made it very clear he doesn't want it mentioned,)

Have a great weekend all.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

It's a good day.

What a beautiful day it is today. A little bit hot for this old girl at 27deg C, but that's nothing compared to what a lot of the bloggers have to live with. Still the sun is always such a positive thing when it shines its light upon our day.

I went out and cut a few flowers from the garden to bring inside. The sweetpeas where planted a little bit late this year so only just flowering now. Their fragrance is so heady it is beautiful and they look lovely with my "Teddy" rose.
I am still knitting my bootees, up to my 3rd pair now so once these are finished I might have to pick something else for bubs to start on my needles and keep me busy at nights.

Hope all is well in your world....

Monday, January 25, 2016

Baby Baby

We have a new baby coming into our lives at the end of July. This is going to be a much loved baby and Mum is like another daughter to us. Her sister is our God daughter and they have lost both of their parents a few years ago, so as you can imagine its a very special moment.
Therefore it was time to hunt out the needles, rummage through my wool pile for any 3 / 4ply, and track down the patterns. Baby is still at the "neutral" stage for a few more weeks but having found some variegated wool it was far too tempting not to knit in the colour. Anyway these ones are definitely for a boy but if bubs is a wee girl then we'll just pop these into a box ready for another baby gift at some other time after all there are always baby's coming into the world.
So one and a half bootees done, I forgot how quick they are to make.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

A burst of sunshine.

Wow, wow, wow. I truly can not believe the burst of sunshine which has entered my life since my first post back into blog land. It has been so wonderful hearing from lovely blogging friends who are so full of encouragement and who have sensible advice to share, many having felt as I do now. I thank you dear friends, you have opened my heart to life and crafting again. The belief is coming back. The sun is shining.
I have been put off work for 10 days due to continual back problems and waiting for an MRI scan. As much as this is very painful and extremely limiting movement wise, it has given me the time to look deeper into my sewing room and make some decisions.
I have quite a few flimsy's which I have put aside thinking I will sandwich and quilt those, well they've been in the box for awhile now so its time to get real. I have spoken to my wonderful friend and quilter Shiree and said I am sending some tops to her to quilt. Reality people, be real! So the first one is all packed up waiting to go to the post office.
I have been cutting out more triangles for our nieces wedding quilt and I am feeling really pumped about that. Her wedding was in September so once again I'm late but onto it again. Here is a photo of Jessica and Ben's beautiful wedding in Queenstown last year. Isn't it stunning?

Those that have followed my blog know that our nephew, Jessica's brother, got married February last year and I got their quilt to them finally at the end of September, thanks again Shiree. This is the type of design that Mark and Jenna chose and how my interpretation ended up. They were pleased with it, so whew.
 So hey the sun shines brightly and my progress is my own and I am learning t be happy with it. Thank you everyone.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Onwards into 2016

Okay so I can but try again. I look around and I love reading everyone's blogs. I still don't know what everyone has as their individual appeal but they all speak to me. I thoroughly enjoy reading about what people are up to throughout their days and weeks, the time spent with family and friends and the crafts they achieve.
Life is so different in all places around the globe. I hold great envy deep inside me for all of those ladies who are able to spend time with all of their like minded girlfriends. They take the time and go out for morning tea, they go out for shopping sprees into the crafting shops in the areas and they get to spend precious moments with each other and wonderful teachers / designers at retreats or day classes. Oh how I envy you all.
And then the amount of things that you manage to make leaves me in awe. I ask myself regularly is it because I work that I seem to do nothing. Is it because these ladies are retired and able to spend time with each other. What allows us to have these bonds and keep us enthused about our makings and wanting to do more. Am I just lazy, have I lost my will to craft, the questions roll off the tongue and I know if they didn't then the desire would be missing but the questioning is there so I do believe my desire is still alive, it just needs relighting.
So here we are in a new year and I will give it another try. I will try to reconnect with myself and with my gorgeous blogging friends and all I can hope is that I haven't been forgotten as it's been so long.
I will just try to do what I can and even if it is only reconnect with myself then that is a fantastic find because I think some of me has been missing for a wee while. I need to remember who I am and that I am worthy. I am worthy of spending time with ME. I want to return, but to a happy person who believes in who I am, to the person who realises I am just as good as anyone else and to someone worth being again.
So I have ponced up the blog and made it look fresh although no doubt there will be changes and bits of titivating still to come and if you are prepared to risk your time reading about my  journey I thank you from the bottom of my heart because from now on that's where this journey will be coming from.

Saturday, April 18, 2015


Well it all started with a hiss and a roar and then.......POP!!!!
Yep that's life.
I am now working again (I think I mentioned this), and loving it really, but we are short staffed and have staff away after surgeries, so I feel like I am working everyday God gave us. I'm not, I am having 2 days off a week, but that means I am working full time to help carry the load like everyone in our team and honestly I AM KNACKERED.
So everything has taken a bit of a backseat of late which frustrates the beegeezers out of me. It doesn't look like I will be coming up for much air in the next month or so, but don't panic I am still alive and kicking. I am just thinking of the spending money for when DD and I got to see my big bro and family in Brisbane end of June. It can't come quickly enough. There has to be some perks of working long hours.

So Hi and Bye, love you all,

Sunday, March 1, 2015

1st of March already????

Oh my gosh, where on earth have the days gone? The time seems to be flying by, I can't believe we are into our third month already.

This weekend we had our first wedding of the year. It was such a beautiful day, we were all so lucky. The venue was beautiful, this is the arbour where the young couple were married. In the trees above their were some doves which gave a lovely touch.
Trents Estate Vineyard

This photo is of the drive up to the venue.

This is a photo inside the venue.
Trents Estate Vineyard
The above photos I borrowed from the venue's website so thanks Trent's Estate Vineyard.

The whole day was filled with love which was so sweet. There was the love of the bride and groom which was so obvious it was beautiful. They had known each other since kindergarten and started going out at high school and 17 years later they are now man and wife.

There was the love surrounding the couple from their two families who were overjoyed with the events of the day and how proud they all were of the children. Then there was the love surrounding them all from their friends and they were a fantastic group of young people, you could just see the amazing connections they all had.

They had a photo booth like all weddings seem to these days so here is a sample of DH and I.
All guests were asked to have a photo taken and the happy couple were going to make a guest book from them all.

So apart from the wedding life has been busy. This new job is certainly taking up a lot of time, what's with that??? At the moment I am working full time whilst training but I am going to make sure I say I want only 25-30 hours like I said in the interview. I need time to me and it may have taken me a while to realise it but now I have I am making sure I am doing something about it. I still have to get the happy couple's quilt finished!!!!

So since its been a weekend of family and love.........

Take care dear friends.